Being a Ride-sharing driver is tough, yes you can make good money, but one can’t deny that its definitely a stressful job on Singapore’s congested roads. Making a living on the roads is a risky business, even if you are the safest driver on the road, you can still become a victim of someone else’s negligence. This is a risk that all drivers on the road have no choice but to live with.
Bandboo gives ride-sharing drivers one less thing to worry about by offering them excess insurance coverage, so they can focus on what matters- driving (safely) and making money.
Peace-of-mind doesn’t have to be expensive. Bandboo combines the ‘cash back’ benefits of mutual insurance with unprecedented transparency so clients will know exactly what they’re paying for.

Here is how it works:
Sign up and protect yourself at the lowest possible cost today!
  • Tiered Pricing
    • Choose between $1k to $4k in excess coverage
    • Starting from S$4.50 daily to S$9 daily, just the cost one fare
  • Premiums Cashback!
    • Cashback mechanism ensures lowest possible cost of insurance coverage
  • Simplified Verification Process
    • Submit claim online through our digital portal along with original insurance claim documents
      1. Reduce fraudulent claims
      2. Improve claims processing efficiency.

Also, when you refer a friend to join Bandboo today, we will give you and your friend S$20* each. If you refer 50 drivers, we pay you $1,000
Just make sure to enter the promo code at the payment page!
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